Testing Phase of the Farmlab Container Completed!

Since the launch of our Farmlab container, we have run several trials with lots of different varieties of salad and herb plants and have celebrated many harvest lunches and pesto parties. The testing phase has ended, but we will continue to refine and optimize our process of growing greens. Two weeks ago, we celebrated the last harvest of past year. Now we are looking forward to what 2019 is holding in store for us.

A look into the Farmlab container on 20th December 2018

The Highlight of 2018 was the Launch of our Farmlab Container

To recap on the past year, we will shed some light on what was going on behind the scenes at the Farmlab. In spring, we began turning a construction trailer into an indoor vertical farm. The idea was to create a platform for experimentation as well as gather information on the indoor farming industry first-hand.

Designing everything from scratch, we built a metal shelf for a hydroponic system. The container received thermal insulation and was equipped with an air conditioner for environmental control. From the lessons learned from this project, we developed a second system.

Designing a Growth Chamber for the Propagation of Young Plants

We were in need of a cultivation chamber functioning as a plant nursery. It would scale up the propagation of young plants to feed into our Farmlab container.

This time we focused on versatility. It cannot only produce a large number of young plants in a very confined space, but it can also cultivate plants from start to finish on its own (Microgreens, too!). We decided to use a Flood & Drain hydroponic system, because it is ideal for growing young plants in high density. Construction was completed in autumn and it has now entered testing phase.

Rendering of our new growth chamber